Nice Tramway

Information on the Nice tram service which runs from north Nice via the Stade du Ray and Jean Medecin to Place Massena, Acropolis and Universite to Pont Michel. See the route map, and find out about tickets and parking...

The first line of the Nice Tramway opened for service November 2007. It has relieved traffic congestion and allowed for a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly city; further tramlines are being planned.

Practical Information

Ligne 1 (line 1) - a "U-shaped" route - runs from Comte de Falican (Nice Nord), south to the city centre and coast and back north to Pont Michel, a total of 8.7 Km with 21 stations. (At a later date this line will be extended by a further 4.5 Km to the Quartier La Trinité.) Stops include: Stade du Ray, Gare Thiers, Jean Médecin, Place Masséna, Jaun Jaurès, Place Garibaldi, Nice Acropolis, Université and St-Roch.

Timetable and Tickets

Announcements are made at stations to advise of the arrival of a tram, and at each stop specifying the name of the stop.

Trams run:

The tram runs Monday to Sunday, 21 hours per day. The first departure from Las Planas is at 04:25 and from Pont Michel at 05:10. The last departure from Las Planas is at 00:50 and from Pont Michel at 01:35.

  • Rush-hour: every 4 minutes
  • Off-peak times: every 8 minutes

There are 21 stations, with one stop approximately every 450 meters.

Travel duration:

  • From Comte de Falican to Place Massena: 14 minutes
  • From Place Massena to Pont Michel: 16 minutes


  • All tickets are a fixed price of €1
  • The ticket price includes parking at the Parc Relais stations at each terminus of Ligne 1
  • Ticket dispensing machines are located at all tram stations and accept cash and credit cards

New Parcs Relais car parks have been created with one at the Comte de Falican terminus (800 spaces) and one at the Pont Michel terminus (500 spaces). These two car parks are free of charge as the price of the parking is included in the tram ticket.

Many of the existing car parks around the centre of Nice are currently undergoing work to increase the number of spaces available. Their prices are not included in the price of the tram ticket.

Tram Access

The tramway cars are accessible to people with reduced mobility (wheel chair users, pushchairs) and for people who suffer from visual and hearing impairments.

  • The tram car floor is at the same level as the platform. The distance between the platform and the tram car is minimal
  • Cars have large doors for easy access
  • Special areas for wheelchair users have been reserved in each car
  • There is a raised surface-marking for those who suffer from visual impairments
  • Close Circuit Television both in the tram cars and at the tram stations
  • Anti-vandalism devices
Further Information
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